Howdy folks, Dave here with a new blog update after taking a slight hiatus to go on holiday, turn 32 and work on other projects before coming back to Bust full-force!

You may know that around about this time last year, Bust artist Chris and I launched our first Kickstarter to fund Issue #1, and thanks to the incredible generosity of our friends, families and fans, we smashed our funding target (and then some).

We’ve since been selling print copies of Bust: Issue #1 at comic conventions in Scotland, in stores and online – to strong critical acclaim. Starburst Magazine and Big Glasgow Comic Page both gave us high scores at review, and that’s something we couldn’t have anticipated.

But now we’re back, and I’m happy to reveal that the Kickstarter for our second issue Bust 2: Wasteland Ronin will go live on Wednesday, September 9th at 7pm. I’ll be posting a URL for the campaign here on the blog, our Facebook group and my personal Twitter account.

Our second issue is bigger and better than before, with more plot development, character-building and brand-new friends and foes for Jack to tackle. We can’t wait to share it with you from tomorrow.

Thanks for reading as always, and stay tuned for more!