Hello backers, Dave here with a post-xmas update for you all, along with another new custom backer sketch.

First off – a status update. Page 17 is next to be released, and we will keep you posted on when it goes live.

As a reminder, Bust issue #1 is 32 pages long, so we’re officially over the halfway mark now. There’s so much story left to cram in, plenty of twists and lots of death. When Jack said at the start that his hands would never be clean, he wasn’t kidding.

Now, here is this week’s new custom backer sketch by the wonderful Chris, which was requested by MagicMumboJon. Enjoy it man!

Love that beard man!
Love that beard man!

There’s lots more coming folks, and needless to say 2015 is going to be huge for us. Watch this space!

Thanks again for your incredible support!