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Vessels is now available in print and digital for iOS and Android! Visit our store to grab your copy.

Vessels is the second comic series from Card Shark Comics, and is a dark fantasy inspired by Dave’s favourite game of all time – Dark Souls. It takes the broad concepts of that series and smashes it headfirst into the dream like, mind-bending mystery of Christopher Nolan’s Inception, sprinkled with some Game of Thrones medieval banter on top.

Series artist Rafael Desquitado Jr. is also a huge Dark Souls fan, so you can expect a grim atmosphere, grotesque beasts and a truly creative depiction of a dying world in its final days. We’ve also got the brilliant letterer Garrett Gunn along for the ride.


It stars a warrior names Wake who is being pursued by a destructive entity from another world. Wherever she goes it follows, leaving decay and death in its path. She has wandered for across the realm of Cairnthala for years as a vagrant, for fear of bringing misery to innocent people. She avoid cities, keeps herself hidden away and lives with her terrible burden.


That is, until she is captured by slavers and taken to Cairnthala’s capital city Stratum, which is densely populated, and of course not the best place for a destructive force to be unleashed. So Wake panics, and meets a craft thief called Marillon who has history with Wake’s demonic pursuer.


From there things get a little weird – and to say much more would spoil the story – but dreams and reality become blurred, trans-dimensional occurrences bleed into Cairnthala and the very planes of existence begin to warp and splinter around Wake.

A pilgrimage across the realm begins, and with new companion G’Dala by her side, Wake journeys to destroy the source of her pursuer’s power once and for all. G’Dala is a Mind Keeper, scholar of a religion that has the power to enter dreams and interpret them to see the future.


What he can’t see, however, are the Vessels – five legendary warriors for another dimension based on the five senses. They stand between Wake and her goal, and will die to stop her from succeeding.

The question is, why?

Find out by picking up issues of Vessels in print and digitally from our store.