Bust is an ongoing post-apocalyptic comic saga about the lengths people are willing to go to survive in a world gone insane. It’s best described as a mash-up of Mad Max, Fight Club and the Fallout videogame series.

Written by award-winning video game journalist, author and beard-tender Dave Cook, with the brilliant Chris O’Toole on art and lettering duties, and finally our wonderfully visceral cover is produced by Craig Paton.

Bust tells the story of Jack, a master card dealer from Las Vegas. He’s a con-man whose sleight of hand has ruined many lives, but when a viral outbreak hits America, he is forced to flee the strip in search of a new home for his family.


The world slides quickly into chaos, and the family find themselves in Austin, Texas – which has been walled off thanks to the generosity of billionaire business magnate Eddie Scott. An almost Roman rule of class divide, barbarism and hypocrisy follow.

Jack eventually crosses the wrong people and finds himself forced to fight mutated freaks in the arena to pay back his debt and be with his family once more – and this is just in the first few pages! Expect blood, a big death count and plenty of twists along the way.

Bust #1 has received lots of great reviews since launch – 8/10 – Starburst Magazine – funded on Kickstarter in October, 2014. You can still check out the Bust: Issue #1 Kickstarter campaign to see how it evolved over time. This is the comic that started it all, and paved the way for more great titles.

Speaking of which…


Bust 2: Wasteland Ronin was funded in October, 2015 and the Bust 2 Kickstarter Campaign was a complete runaway success, raising over £1,500 in just 48 hours!

So naturally for Bust 2 we felt we had to up the stakes consistently, and not only is the story bigger, we’ve introduced a second protagonist called Lily, who is a younger, more optimistic foil to Jack’s older, downtrodden, jackass persona.


It’s also set ten years after the first issue, so Lily is obsessed with tech from the old world, having spend most of her life living in post-apocalyptic America. Our story begins as a gang of ruthless raiders known as The Smilers try to rob Jack’s bunker in the desert.

Jack runs into the raiders and does what he knows best – carved them up in the most brutal fashion possible, which triggers a chain of events that lead the old card hustler and his new ward Lily to the far reaches of the new world, and the depths of human depravity.

So, what’s next for Jack and Lily…? Stay tuned for future issues to find out.