Vessels – What’s the Comic about?

Vessels is the second comic series from Card Shark Comics. This tribute to the Dark Souls videogame series takes places in the world of Cairnthala, a dying realm that is terrorised by a demonic entity – the Eye-God. This other-worldly force hounds our protagonist, a skilled warrior named Wake, wherever she goes while destroying everything and everyone around her.

After being abducted by slavers and finding herself in the capital city of Stratum, Wake and our other two key players – a Mind Keeper called G’Dala and crafty thief Marillon – embark on a quest to slay the Eye-God and its five loyal protectors – the Vessels. As the world warps and dies around them, can our heroes put this ancient demon to rest once and for all?

Vessels-comic-page-4-dave-cook vessels-comic-page-5-dave-cook

In February 2016, Card Shark Comics launched a Vessels #1 Kickstarter campaign, which was successfully funded to the tune of ¬£2,087, which was raised by 166 backers. We can’t thank them all enough for helping us bring this new series to life.

The Vessels Comic Team

Vessels is produced by the following talent:

Author, Creator – Dave Cook (Bust, Feather)

Art – Rafael Desquitado (Constant, The Slip, Where the Light Is)

Colour – Dennis Lehmann (Battle for Bedtime)

Letters – Garrett Gunn (Battle for Bedtime)