Killtopia is the fourth comic series from Card Shark Comics, launching 2017. It reunites creator/author Dave Cook with Bust cover artist Craig Paton for a dream team-up.

It is our tribute to the older Manga properties┬álike Akira, Guyver and Ghost in the Shell, together with Dave’s all-time favourite comic series Transmetropolitan, and the videogame works of both Suda51 and Platinum Games.

Here’s our official synopsis for Killtopia #1, coming 2017 from Card Shark Comics.

Killtopia Synopsis

Tech. Mech. Wreck. Repeat.

Fortune and glory await those who enter the overgrown jungle of Killtopia – an abandoned sector of Japan’s largest metropolis, now home to a legion of killer Mechs.

Contract hunters known as Wreckers are sponsored by corporations and Yakuza gangs to enter Killtopia and hunt Mechs for their precious high-tech scrap.

With no contract and entering Killtopia illegally, amateur hunter Shinji doesn’t care about fame or glory. He hunts to pay for his dying sister’s medical care .

But when Shinji encounters Crash, the first sentient Mech ever to appear in Killtopia, the city’s most ruthless Wreckers, the military, government and every low-life in the city wants to claim the robot as their own.

Wanted fugitives Shinji and Crash embark on an epic journey through the metropolis, the far reaches of cyberspace and the fringes of reality itself to evade capture.

Can they find a place where human and machine can co-exist in peace?

Find out in Killtopia #1, releasing 2017 from Card Shark Comics.