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We’ve passed £340!

I didn’t expect to wake up and see us gain so much support in such a short space of time, but wow, seriously guys this means so much to us. Thank you! I work during the day but I’ll be adding all you overnight backers to the Bust wall of thanks on the comic’s blog once I get home: Don’t forget, you can read issue #1 as new pages are made for free here: Thanks guys, we’ll also have a story update for you tonight. Stay tuned...

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The Bust Kickstarter is now Live!

Hi guys, and welcome to the Bust issue#1 Kickstarter. I thought I’d open our schedule of extensive updates with some more insight into myself Dave Cook, the Bust premise and how myself and artist Chris O’Toole make this thing happen. It’s on! So first off, the total goal: As you read this the first 12 pages of Bust issue#1 (which is 32 pages long) can be read absolutely free of charge on the Bust blog here, and new pages will be added there as they are produced. We will never charge for digital pages on the blog ever. But the pages themselves cost £50 to produce, and that’s cheap in the comic world – trust me, I’ve shopped around artist forums and groups only to receive some really big numbers in return. Chris is a long time friend so he’s done me a great deal on getting these pages done so far. The Kickstarter total will cover the other 20 pages we need to complete issue #1 and will ensure Chris gets the funds he deserves for his time and tireless effort. The excess will go towards funding our very first print run off issue #1 and you can reserve a copy by opting into our £5 and above tiers. We’re aiming to have four pages a month done if we hit our target and that brings us to...

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