Month: March 2019

Killtopia #2 Kickstarter: Frank Quitely, Tula Lotay prints added

Hi guys just a very quick update on the Killtopia #2 Kickstarter, which you’ll find here: As we’ve smashed through all our stretch goals so far, we can announce that all £15+ backers will receive new Killtopia prints by artists Frank Quitely (Jupiter Ascending, All-Star Superman, Batman and Robin) and Tula Lotay (All-Star Batman, The Wicked + The Devine) Thanks to everyone who has backed us so far, it really means a lot...

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Vessels #3: new artist + cover reveal!

Hi guys Dave here with an update on our dark fantasy series Vessels, which returns later in 2019. Series artist Rafael Desquitado Jr. has sadly taken a step back from comics, which means we’ll lose him from the project. I just want to say a massive thank you to Raf for bringing our series to life from the start. Stepping up to the plate is Ed Bentley, a friend as artist from the comic circuit. He’s already done the first ten pages, and we’ll be sharing them in due time. For now, here’s his new Vessels #3 cover, coloured...

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Killtopia #2 Kickstarter hits £15,000 in 10 days!

Hi guys, Dave here. On March 1st we went live with the Killtopia #2 Kickstarter campaign, which you can find here: Thanks to the generosity of our backers, we’ve managed to smash £15,000 in just ten days, which is just crazy and insanely appreciated! Not only that, but it means we’ve already burned through all our stretch goals already, so we’re currently working out a second wave of goals to meet. You can check out all the stretch goals and Killtopia #2 information on the campaign page, and thank you again to everyone who has backed us –...

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