Month: June 2018

New “How to Make Comics” guide: Dealing with burnout and stress

Hi Guys, Dave here with chapter 8 of my “How to Make Comics” guides. It’s also my second video guide, and it’s one that’s pretty close to my heart – as someone who has dealt with stress, depression and burnout because of my craft. Turns out, I’m not alone – since publishing this guide on the Killtopia Facebook page, I’ve had a ton of messages from other creators saying that they’ve been through this too – so if you ever feel alone, just know that you’re definitely not Here’s my view on how to deal with the stress of...

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Interview: Dave reveals a dark Killtopia plot thread to Big Comic Page and some never before seen art

It’s been a busy time for Killtopia interviews recently, and it’s seriously amazing to see so many sites and people wanting to know more about the series – I never once imagined it becoming this popular! My latest press interview comes from the wonderful Big Comic Page, who had the first chance to read through the full Killtopia #1 script, and got a first look at Killtopia #2 (the script is now complete, woo!) In the interview, Sam Graven talks with me about a dark aspect of the plot we hadn’t revealed much about yet – namely, an overarching...

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Killtopia interview: Dave talks with Comic Crusaders about the personal cost of making comics

Howdy folks, Dave here with a really neat interview I did with Comic Crusaders about the personal costs of making a comic book. That means things like the amount of hours it takes to produce an indie book, knowing when to take your foot of the gas to have a life, and more. Here’s a snippet: “Always remind yourself of why you’re doing comics to begin with. If it’s to get a Netflix deal and be a millionaire, you’d probably want to lower your initial goals first. “But if you keep sight of your goal and work hard, break...

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