Month: February 2018

Video: Killtopia comic Q&A with Dave Cook

Hi again guys, Dave here. We just finished up our first Killtopia live Q&A on Facebook and it was a really great session, with many of superb questions from our fans. We touched upon a lot – how to write comics, selling at comic cons, planning a Kickstarter, and the world of Killtopia. You cack check it out in full here: Or embedded here: (GO TO A 1:00 TO SKIP OUR MICROPHONE TEST) Enjoy 😀...

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Guide: Killtopia concept art special with Craig Paton

Hey guys, Craig here. I thought I might share with you some of my sketches and concept art being the character design of our main characters in Killtopia. I take the view that character design is almost like a form of story telling, where a single image of a character tells the viewer a bit about this characters life, history and personality. So I often try to use clothing, expression, pose and adornments as little visual shortcuts that hopefully give you little more info about who these characters are and the goals they have. Sketching These are some of...

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Guide: How the Killtopia #1 Script Was Written

Hi guys, Dave here with a follow up to Craig’s amazing ‘concept art’ guide, which showed you how he designed our characters and finalised their look. It’s a mind blowing insight into his art process – READ IT HERE. Quite a few of our backers have asked if I could write a companion piece about how I wrote the script, so I’m more than happy to oblige 😀 Oh, and if you want to make your own comic, I’ve written a series of guides on: How to write a comic How to format your first script  How to make a Kickstarter. How...

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