Month: August 2017

Our first action figure is here!

Well this is something very humbling and awesome for Team Vessels – it’s the first action figure of our series hero Wake.   Created by Joe Ward AKA Captain Snikt’s Custom Action Figures, the Wake figurine was created using an existing action figure of X-Men legend Phoenix as a base:   To help Joe get her look right, series artist Rafael created an 180-degree character model crib sheet: Wake’s trademark armour was them moulded on top of Phoenix, and Joe then gave her a base. You’ll notice the base has a blue line running down the middle – this...

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Bust #3 review scored 10/10 in Starburst Magazine!

Ok, wow! Our new release Bust #3: A Sackcloth Smile was reviewed by UK comic and geek culture mag Starburst Magazine and they awarded it a whopping 10/10 score. You can check out the review in full here. Reviewer Andrew Marshall writes, “Unlike many post-apocalyptic series where overwhelming despair has made way to lifeless drudgery, in the world of Bust humanity has not quite decayed to the point where everyone has simply given up, and some people are yet to be beaten into submission by the harsh reality of the new order and still fight to make the world a better...

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