Month: July 2017

Bust #3 and Vessels #2 on general sale July 28th!

Howdy Card Sharks, Dave here with a quick update on the general sale of our new comics Bust #3 and Vessels #2. Both comics will be available for £5 via – the online indie comic marketplace. If you order on the site I’ll mail you a copy direct, sign it and even chuck in some bonus extra prints for free. Stay tuned to our Facebook page for links and updates for when we go live on Comichaus. Until then, thanks for your support everyone....

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Vessels #2 scores 9/10 in Starburst Magazine!

Howdy everyone and Happy Monday! We’re gearing up to launch Vessels #2 and Bust #3 this Friday on, and to start mailing copies out to our backers. In the meantime we’ve been busy pitching both comics to review sites all around the world, and our first piece of coverage comes courtesy of this 9/10 review from the awesome Starburst Magazine. You can read it in full here. Reviewer Andrew Marshall said of the issue, “This second issue of Vessels lives up to the expectations left by its debut and then some. It affords us little more understanding about what’s going...

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