Month: November 2016

Blog: How to write your first comic book – Guide

Hello and welcome to the first in a series of articles, in which Card Shark Comics founder Dave discusses advice, tips and lessons learned from his first year and a half on the comic circuit. If you have any questions for him, just email – — It doesn’t matter who you are or where you come from, all of us have had a bright idea at some point. Think back and be honest with yourself: How many of those ideas have you actually acted upon? I’m not shy about it: I have had countless ideas and projects –...

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Vessels #2 reveal: First 4 pages & synopsis

We can finally lift the lid on Vessels #2, the follow up to our critically acclaimed dark fantasy epic. Inspired by the Dark Souls game series, Vessels is set in the dying world of Cairnthala, a medieval realm that is merging with the Veil, the realm of dreams, causing all sorts of mind-bending anomalies and cataclysms. Here’s the official synopsis for Vessels #2: Reeling from the Eye-God’s assault, the forces of Stratum plan a counter-attack on the demonic entity before it has a chance to strike again. Queen Stratum has chosen Wake, the warrior of legend, to lead an...

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Killtopia: Our new series for 2017!

Killtopia is the fourth comic series from Card Shark Comics, launching 2017. It reunites creator/author Dave Cook with Bust cover artist Craig Paton for a dream team-up. Full details of the series will be revealed in 2017, but we can reveal that it is our tribute to the older Manga properties like Akira, Guyver and Ghost in the Shell, together with Dave’s all-time favourite comic series Transmetropolitan, and the videogame works of both Suda51 and Platinum Games. It’s set in a fictional Japanese city many years from now; a polluted metropolis with a hazy-neon-lit skyline, dotted by speeding bullet trains...

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Feather #1-3 available in Comichaus now!

Our friends over at indie comic marketplace have launched the first three issues of their new indie anthology, featuring the work of Card Shark Comics friends James McCulloch (City of Lost Souls), Iain Laurie (And Then Emily Was Gone), Jon Laight (Brethren Born), Luke Cooper (Hollow Girl), Tom Ward (Doc Dino) and more. There are new issues each month – save for a small break over Christmas – and each contains a new chapter in our latest series Feather, with art by the legendary Norrie Millar (Snowbound). It’s on the cover of Issue #2, with a superb cover...

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Bust #3: Interviews reveal new plot details

Dave has been interviewed by two sites recently, to discuss Bust #3, Vessels #2, what Card Shark Comics has in the works for 2017 and the first details of our new series Killtopia, launching next year. First is an interview by our friend Sammy Rendon AKA HipHopUndead, in which he asked some brilliant questions around the future of Bust, including when we will end the series, and how it may proceed in an offshoot. Read HipHopUndead’s article here. Next up we have Dom at Geek Retreat interviewing Dave about Killtopia, how Bust #3 will unfold and whats next for...

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