Month: February 2016

Vessels #1 Kickstarter – It’s Over + Thank You!

Hello Vessels fans and Kickstarter backers! Well, 30 days later, our campaign is now over and with your help we raised £2087 of our £1400 goal! Thank you so, so much to everyone who gave us their time and invested in the comic. As a thank you, here’s a little preview of our fully-coloured page 1: This crypt is of huge importance to our story. Just wait! What happens next with Vessels #1? Right now, I am working with our guest artist Emma Dawn Partlow on creating our tarot card pack and first bonu art print, so stay tuned...

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Vessels #1: Triptych Cover Revealed

Hi Vessels fans and Kickstarter backers, Dave here with a quick update to say that we’ve now passed the £1,800 mark, so that means our full issue is going to be in colour, courtesy of colourist Dennis Lehmann (Battle for Bedtime) To celebrate, Dennis has sent over the final version of our triptych cover, with art by Rafael Desquitado (Constant, The Slip, Where the Light Is) Here is its: In short, this image will be cut into three sections, and will make up each of our three variant covers that – when combined – make up the above image....

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Bust 2: Wasteland Ronin – Variant comic cover reveal

Hi guys, Dave here with a new Kickstarter update for Bust 2: Wasteland Ronin. I’ve been a bit quiet on the update front as I’ve launched a Kickstarter for my second comic series Vessels ( and both Chris and I have been hammering forward with production of Bust 2. So right now we are working on the final third of the comic and still on track for our original April launch window, I’m also working on a new website for our production label Card Shark Comics, while finalising production of our inside covers, rewards and more. But, if you’d...

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