Month: November 2015

Page 6 Preview / Al Reid Prints |Bust Comic

Howdy backers and friends alike, Dave here with another Bust #2 update! Hot off the heels of our publishing deal with Insane Comics (woo!), we’ve decided to stop sharing full pages of our issue upon completion. Essentially, the issue is pretty much spoiler-heavy from now on and we don’t want to ruin the first issue for you. But we will be sharing panels from each page as Chris finishes them, and we currently have a new, finished preview of page six to share. Here we see an older, more fragile (and balder!) Jack as he walks around the shanty...

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We just landed a publisher!

Hi folks, Dave here – it’s been a crazy week in Bust-land! First of all, we had a great time at the Falkirk Comic Mart on Saturday. Loads of sales, lots of new fans and I met many lovely comic enthusiasts. We’ll be back again if they hold another one – that’s for sure 😀 Next, we finished page 5 of Bust #2. Here’s a preview: We’ve also got a preview of Page 6, which sees Jack taking a stroll through New Peach Orchard, a small shanty town in the Free South: Next, we’ve just secured a table at...

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