Month: September 2015

Our Kickstarter is funded + Stretch goals!

Happy Friday guys, we’ve got some incredible news! Bust 2: Wasteland Ronin has been fully funded thanks to the immense generosity of you guys, the backers! Thank you very, very much for all your support. I know we keep saying it but it’s true So now we’ve made it, it’s time to talk stretch goals! Here’s a run-down: £1,600 – Exclusive Bust 2 art print by artist Al Reid – Al has agreed to create a special Kickstarter print of Jack in action for our £10+ Kickstarter backers. Check out his art site Haywire Visions here. £1,800- Bust 2 cover by artist Craig Paton – Craig did the astounding art for our Issue #1 cover, and he’s already agreed to come back to create art for our second chapter. You can see his art site here (hire him!) £1,900 – Bust 2 variant cover by artist Sef Blyth – Dave’s good friend Sef is an up and coming artist from Edinburgh, who specialises in video game canvas paintings. He’s read our full script and is on standby to create a new cover that will get a limited 50-copy run.(more from Sef soon) £2,200 – Bust 2 gets a second print run – We’ll do a second batch of Wasteland Ronin issues for sale at conventions and online. It also means we can send out more on launch day and...

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Introducing our new hero Lily + Kickstarter funding update!

Hello Bust backers and friends alike, Dave here with another Kickstarter update for you, as well as the reveal of our new hero Lily, who will team up with Jack from Issue #2 forward. Hows Bust 2 funding going? Insanely well – so first – thank you very much to everyone who has backed us so far! We sincerely can’t thank you all enough for this, and rest assured if we hit our goal early we’ll be bringing some truly brilliant stretch goals to you all that are well worth backing for! At the time of writing this post, we’re now at £1,088 of our £1,400 goal – which is just incredible progress seeing as we’ve just barely been live over day. Again THANK YOU EVERYONE! Meet Lily In the world of Bust 2: Wasteland Ronin, we rejoin Jack at a very dark place in his life. America has changed beyond repair, his actions in Austin in Issue #1 have created a sustained sense of anarchy throughout the souther states – now known as the ‘Free South’ – and his mind is slipping fast. He’s older, world-weary but still build like a brick shit-house and able to kick ass. But he’s a relic, a dusty old mistake of the old world. So when Jack happens across he young and optimistic Lily he sees the world in a different light,...

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Bust 2 Kickstarter Live! + Page One Reveal

Hello friends of Bust, series author Dave here with a message to all of our issue #1 Kickstarter backers and those who are new to the series – we’ve just launched the funding campaign for our second issue: Wasteland Ronin. If you need to catch up, you can read all of Issue #1 free here – yep, it’s really free! For those who are new to the series, here’s an introduction for you: Who are you guys? I’m Dave Cook, award-winning videogame critic and comic author from Edinburgh, and creator of new series Bust. Together with talented artist Chris O’Toole, we successfully funded our first issue on Kickstarter in October 2014, and released in the spring. Since then we’ve gone on to receive strong critical acclaim – Starburst Magazine gave us 8/10and Big Glasgow Comic Page gave is 4/5, for example, and since launch I’ve been attending comic conventions across Scotland such as Glasgow ComicCon, and will be at MCM Scotland later this month. Our sales are strong, we’re stocked in the likes of Forbidden Planet, Deadhead Comics and Comicrazy, and we’re getting lots of buzz from comic fans and creators across the country for our work. So if you back our comic, rest assured you will get a quality issue by the end of our campaign. Bust 2: Wasteland Ronin – Page One You can read all about our...

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Bust 2 Kickstarter launch details revealed!

Howdy folks, Dave here with a new blog update after taking a slight hiatus to go on holiday, turn 32 and work on other projects before coming back to Bust full-force! You may know that around about this time last year, Bust artist Chris and I launched our first Kickstarter to fund Issue #1, and thanks to the incredible generosity of our friends, families and fans, we smashed our funding target (and then some). We’ve since been selling print copies of Bust: Issue #1 at comic conventions in Scotland, in stores and online – to strong critical acclaim. Starburst...

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