Month: June 2015

A new Bust custom sketch + Comic shipping update

Hi Bust fans and Kickstarter backers! I hope you’ve all been having a stellar weekend indeed. We have a very small update for you today, ahead of a much bigger one next week (it’s a biggie, I promise!), and it concerns one lovely and quite deranged piece of custom backer art devised by our backer Scott Munro. Chris has knocked it out of the park with the art on this one as usual, see for yourself: Glorious. Also, we will receive our first print run next week and start shipping issue #1 to everyone ahead of my first convention appearance at Glasgow ComicCon (July 4-5), where I’ll be selling and signing copies for new readers. But more on that later. Thanks for your support as always, and we’ll have more for you shortly....

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[VIDEO] Bust: Issue #1 print preview + new sketch

Good morning Bust fans and Kickstarter backers, Dave here with another pre-launch update. I just received the print test for Bust: Issue #1, just before we sign off on the 300 copies we’ve ordered in our first run. I thought I’d do a quick video to show off the issue, and some of the Kickstarter-exclusive extras in the issue for our backers and early adopters. There’s also some chat around the progress of issue #2, and what comes next for the series. Here’s the clip. Check it out if you backed the comic: Lastly, we’ve got a new backer sketch for our backer Jordan Capasso, which is a moose sized goose, riding a goose sized moose, leading a charge again the Hobbit’s Five Armies. All I can say Jordan is “WTF?” We love it. Thanks for your request, and cheers to Chris for making it awesome: That’s all for now folks. I’m looking forward to selling the issue at Glasgow ComicCon July. Be sure to seek me out if you’re there!...

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Our first review!!

Happy hump day to all our readers and Kickstarter backers alike! In case you missed our previous Kickstarter update, we have now submitted Bust: Issue #1 for printing and we’e looking to launch first week of July. Which means we have a full print PDF of the comic, which also means we can send it to critics for review, and Big Glasgow Comic Page is the first outlet to review our issue – and man is it positive 😀 There’s no spoilers in the review – which you can read in full here – but here’s a snippet: “For just over 30 pages it fits so much in, without feeling too rushed. It is heart felt, brutal and quite dystopian. Speculative and full of twisted poetry (the visual and metaphorical kind, not the rhyming kind!) This is a tale of redemption, rebellion, karma and purpose. But most of all, metamorphosis.” Needless to say, both Chris and I are blown away by the review. It’s beyond anything we could have hoped going into this series, and again, we have you guys to thank for this More soon!...

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Bust: Issue #1 sign-off video (A must watch!)

Hi Bust backers and friends alike, Dave here with a very special update. You may have seen that we finished the final page of Bust: Issue #1 last night and went to print today. That means you’re only about 2-3 weeks away from having your signed print issues and posters mailed out. The video above is our way of saying thanks, and laying out what comes next – from a potential launch appearance at Glasgow ComicCon, to the status of Issue #2 & 3 (the former’s script is all done, and work has started on the third!) There’s plenty to cover in the clip, so have a look and please accept our sincerest thanks for your support once more More soon!...

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It’s a wrap!

Woah… We’ve finally made it. Chris just sent over page 31 of Bust: Issue #1, which means we go to print tomorrow. It almost doesn’t feel real but we have you guys, our wonderful, patient backers to thank for helping our project come to life. I’ll be recording a thank you video on Saturday to tell you all this in person and to give you an update on the scripts for issues 2 and 3 (coming along nicely!) plus more. For the last time this issue, here’s a preview. It sums up how I feel right now too You said it, old man…...

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