Month: May 2015

Page 28 now live + 2 new backer cameos!

Happy Friday Bust backers and friends alike! Chris has just sent over page 28 of Bust: Issue #1 and it includes cameos from Juliet – friend of our backer Niki May Blane, and Chris Williams. Like the last few pages, we can’t show you too much as we’re around a big reveal in the story, but here’s Juliet: And here’s Chris: We can confirm that this the issue’s first glimpse of how people live outside of Eddie’s brutal regime, away from the intimidating walls of his fortress in Austin. More on that soon… Meanwhile, you can read the other 27 pages of Bust: Issue #1 absolutely free at Stay tuned for page 29, we’re almost there folks! Have a great weekend....

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Bust: Issue #1, page 27 is live!

Hello Kickstarter backers and friends of Bust alike! We hope you’ve been having a grand weekend wherever you may be. Chris as just completed page 27 of Bust; Issue #1, and you can read it along with the rest of our issue so far right here. It’s another spoiler-heavy page (the last few pages have uncovered a major reveal) so here’s a very small preview of Jack waking up from potentially the worst ‘hangover’ ever: You’d look that bad after what Jack’s just been through, trust us! Page 28 of the comic is next, and we’re almost at the end, which means our print launch is inching ever-closer. Stay tuned for more updates soon! All the best, and thanks again for all your support guys!...

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Page 26 now live + three new backer cameos

Hello Kickstarter backers, Bust friends and newcomers – a very happy day to you all! Chris has just sent over page 26 of Bust: Issue #1 and it’s another bleak one (sorry!!!) that we can’t post a preview around as it’ll spoil the comic’s major twist. You can read the page and the rest of issue #1 so far here. Go on, it’s free! So in the absence of a preview, here’s a picture of a dog from the page instead (He’s a Kickstarter backer cameo): Amazing and utterly random. Why would a dog visit a bloodsport match in the Austin arena? We don’t know, but the guys with him are our Kickstarter backers Conor Folan and Adam Paxman. We hope you enjoy the cameo guys! Thanks for supporting us 😀 Page 27 is soon guys, we’re almost there. -Dave & Chris...

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Page 25 of issue #1 is live!

Hello backers, Dave here wishing you a very happy Friday! Now it’s time to lower the tone with Page 25 of issue #1. This is a really bleak one following last week’s major plot twist, and things are looking back again for Jack. The poor guy just can’t catch a break :/ You can read it for free on the Bust blog here: As with Page 24, I *would* have posted a usual art preview, but I’d risk really spoiling the plot by doing so, so here’s a photo of the new Bust business cards I had made up ahead of Glasgow ComicCon in July. Ooh, shiny… We’re only six pages from the end now, and what wonderful pages they are too! Stay tuned for more guys, and thanks for your support...

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Bust: Issue #1 cover interview with artist Craig Paton

We just revealed the official cover of Bust: Issue #1 right here on the blog today. Here’s the design in full in case you missed it:   We hope you’ll agree that the design is superb, and we owe it to talented Glasgow artist Craig Paton. He’s done a great job in capturing the brutality and dark tone of our comic. £10 Kickstarter backers will also get a signed poster of the above design once we launch in print. Dave has also interviewed Craig about his career, key influences and more. It’s a great discussion that we hope you’ll enjoy. Take it away Craig!  Dave: Can you tell us about what got you into art at an early age and who or what your initial influences were? Craig: I don’t really remember a time when I wasn’t into art; I’ve always been drawing and sketching. When I was a teenager in high school, I was really into sci-fi and science fiction comics, and I think that influence had a big affect on how my career path would eventually turn out. I think I would list Drew Struzan’s movie posters and the comics work Jim Lee, Frank Quietly and Michael Turner as some of my early favourite and inspirational artists. I also spent an inordinate amount of time copying the 2000AD artwork of Carlos Esquerra and Ian Gibson in my sketchbooks. Dave:...

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