Month: March 2015

Page 21 revealed: The first fight

Hello friends of Bust! Dave here with another new page hot from Chris’s magical cave of artistic brilliance. This is page 21 of Bust’s first issue, which you can read for free here, but here’s a teaser: In this page we see Jack recalling is first fight against the mutants in Eddie’s arena. To say it’s a trial by fire is something of an understatement, but he’s angry and will do whatever it takes to save his wife and son. This is the moment he starts to transform into the Jack we saw at the start – a hardened killer with only a sliver of remorse left in his bones. Where does he go from here, and what’s waiting for him during ’round two?’ Stay tuned friends!...

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Geek Mash interviews Dave + comic page 21 update!

Hello backers and friends of Bust, Dave here with a new update and a fresh piece of Bust coverage. The team at new site Geek Mash has interviewed me about Bust’s origins, where the story is going, my inspirations and there’s also more new teasers about issue #2: Wasteland Ronin. I won’t spoil the interview, but it’s a great one. I also urge everyone reading this to check out Geek Mash, it’s really new but has a great team behind it and it will only grow from here. I want to wish Brad and his team the very best of luck moving forward. Also, Page 21 is underway – Chris was getting very excited sketching it out because we get o see more mutants doing their thing! Expect that to drop next week! Lastly, a quick word on backer custom sketches. All upper tier backers will get their sketches in due course, but for the sake of us hitting a Spring launch it’s likely you will get your sketch after release. But rest assured, all your requests are logged and on the to-do list. Thanks all, and if you have any thoughts on the above, feel free to message us over Kickstarter or email Until next time!...

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Bust Issue #1 – Page 20 is live!

Happy Saturday Kickstarter backers and friends of Bust alike! We hope you’re having a great weekend so far. Here’s a little sweetener for you – albeit a rather brutal one – it’s page 20 of the comic, and Eddie’s gone a bit nuts. Chris has made the art on this page feel especially gritty with some tweaks to the art style, and we hope you’ll agree it’s really capturing the downtrodden, hopeless tone we had in mind for this part of the issue. Here’s a quick sample of the page, but you can see the full page and read the rest of the comic free at our issue #1 hub. Thanks, and stay tuned or news on page 21!...

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Bust interview with ComicsVerse

Hello Bust backers and friends. We’ve got something really special for you today – an interview with big comic site ComicsVerse about the series, where it goes beyond issue #1 and more. There’s also a new reveal about issue #2: Wasteland Ronin in there for you that hasn’t been discussed before. See if you can spot it! The piece can be read through here and thanks to Fabio at ComicsVerse for covering us! Page 20 roughs are coming tomorrow. Stay tuned!...

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